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Let Your mailer Fly Business Class!

Art Directors still say that they like to receive a “real” mailer rather than a one click delete e-card. A great mailer is still the best way to generate work. It might work instantly, it might get filed away until “the time is right”, it might go on the office wall from where it will work its charm for many a month!
Unfortunately the price of postage is sometimes more than the cost of the piece itself and sending a mailer usually means dealing with the Royal Mail! Chances are your carrier has given you price increases… complicated tariffs and a nagging doubt as to whether or not the mailer is going to arrive intact, or at all!

But now, there is an answer for your London and UK contacts…

The MailerVanMan knows every* creative agency in London and can deliver door to door for
up to 40% off the price of the Royal Mail.


No… you have your mailer ready… you call us… we arrange to collect your mailers from your London address… we arrive… work out what Royal Mail would have charged you (or work it out yourself from "prices" on this site), and apply a discount as per our scale of charges… the larger the item the bigger the discount.  We take your mailers and hand deliver them direct to each company on our delivery list… they don’t get passed from vehicle to vehicle and risk damage, they don’t get squashed through letterboxes… they get a true business class service all the way into your client’s office. We can even handle deliveries beyond our delivery list, anywhere in the UK, for less than the price of a 2nd Class postage stamp! See “How it Works” on this site for details.

And… a no extra charge part of our service is “Auto-Re-direct”. Our intimate knowledge of London creatives gives us the most up to date information on address changes, so, where inevitably a portion of your London mailer is mis-addressed, where we can, we will do our best to deliver to the correct address. All part of the “business class “ service. So unless you like queuing in your local post office contact the MailerVanMan to see what we can do for you.

*N.B. We deliver to all the main agencies / design companies but to make our service economic we have minimum delivery quantities. Call us and we can explain... the list of destinations is expanding all the time and minimum numbers falling.

Whether it's a postcard or a 400 page book File Fx can help get your mail-shot under the right eyeballs and noses.

We track and pinpoint creative professionals in Advertising Agencies, Design Groups and Publishing sectors. Our flexible and customisable options make it easy to precisely drill-down and target your market.

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